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Most of you will come to Lithuania by plane. We expect you to arrive at the main Vilnius International Airport. More information about scheduled flights airlines you will find here:

If you are travelling to Lithuania from non-Schengen you may need a visa. Complete information on visa requirements, visa application and issuances is available at the website of Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Of The Republic Of Lithuania Citizens of the member states of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) and any third country citizen who is a holder of a residence permit of a Schengen state do not need a visa to enter Lithuania.

Regardless of whether you are travelling within the Schengen area or not, many airlines will require to show your ID card or passport. From the neighboring countries Lithuania can be reached by train. There are train connections to Vilnius from Latvia, Poland, Russia, Byelorussia.



Two separate hotels are booked for the participants of IPO – Grata Hotel (9/25 Vytenio Street) for teachers and Corner Hotel (16 T. Ševčenkos Street) for students. The hotels are booked for the period of 15-18 May. Those of you who plan to come earlier or leave later (out of the period 15-18 of May) will need to take care of the reservations and payments yourselves. Please have in mind, that the number of rooms in the hotels is limited.  (for teachers)   (for students)

(You need not to worry about how to get from the airport to the hotels. The distance from the airport to the hotels is not long but after dividing you into small groups our coach (minibus) will take you directly to your hotel. Our group of volunteers will be waiting at the airport to provide you with all the needed information. Volunteers will also be responsible for the participating students. Please bear in mind that you can also take taxi or bus that will take you to the hotels.)



Information about weather in Lithuanian you will find here:


National Currency and prices

The national currency of Lithuania is Litas (LTL) = 100 cents (ct). The current exchange rate: 3.4528 Lt = 1 EUR, 2.6416 Lt = 1 USD.

You don’t need to pay for your accommodation, transportation, food or excursions, but if you would like to by something for yourself, you should exchange some Litas. It is easy to exchange Euros or USD to local currency and back at the airport or in the city. Credit cards as well are acceptable almost everywhere.

How much money to take, depends on your personal need. But for example, a small bottle of water costs about 2-4 Litas, a cup of coffee – about 5-7 Litas, a complex meal of McDonald’s – about 15 Litas. Check out more prices in Lithuania:

Most popular souvenirs from Lithuania are jewelry from amber, linen or knitted wool textiles, ceramics and leather products, honey and chocolate sweets. You will have a possibility to find some gifts during your excursion to Vilnius Old Town or Trakai.



Tap water is suitable for drinking.

As travelling to any other foreign country, you should have an international medical insurance, because every country, Lithuania is no exception, has its own medical attendance rules and prices.

Time zone GMT + 2 hours. When it is 12 p.m. in Vilnius, it is 11 a.m. in Stockholm and Frankfurt, 10 a.m. in London and 5 a.m. in New York.


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